Sample Cool Math Guy Videos

1)  Factoring    This video is from the Algebra II course and is excellent traditional instruction on how to factor algebraic expressions.  This is an essential skill for all algebra students.  By the way, this is often a poorly taught concept using non-traditional methods.  Understanding this concepts gives an algebra student a strong foundation.  On the other hand, not understanding this concept can be very troublesome and can be a haunting void in their fundamentals.

2)  Order of Operations    This video is from the PreAlgebra course and addresses the rules for the order in which calculation must be made in an extended expression.  This is important to understand and has implications in how students use their calculators.

3)  The Derivative and the Tangent Line     This video is from the Calculus course and discusses the fundamental concept of the derivative function.  It is so central to the study of Calculus it is worth reviewing throughout the course.

4) Conic Sections   This is a video from the College Algebra ( Precalculus ) course concerning the study of conic sections.  Circles, Parabolas, Ellipses, and Hyperbolas.

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