The Tutor’s Unique and Effective Role from the Student’s Perspective

The tutor provides a unique perspective and tone of learning that is often distinctly different from the student's parents, teachers, and peers.  Parents and teachers may project expectations that can be distracting and overwhelming.   As a reaction to these expectations that play out in their work load, testing, and grades, the student can become intimidated and defensive.  The student’s ability to cope with these expectations can be adversely affected by the reward and punishment pressure that teachers and parents can represent.  On the other end of the spectrum, peers with no expectations will be indifferent at best and may even encourage a lack of effort and motivation to learn.  In this context, the tutor’s role is particularly well suited to guide a student without the pressures inherent in the parent-child or teacher-student relationship and within a more collaborative framework.  Additionally, a tutor provides a more adult and encouraging approach than their peers.  This sets the tone for a more relaxed interaction that can lead the student to better understand their potential and the development of their own learning process. 

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