The Student’s Dilemma and Excuse

Student’s often assign the cause of their difficulties in their math class to poor instruction by the teacher and a disruptive class environment.  This is often true and serves as a good excuse.  Now what?

Poor teaching technique and classroom management does stack the deck against a student’s ability to focus and master each new topic.  As the classroom environment breaks down, teachers and students become frustrated and impatient with each other.  They lose faith and trust in each other to accomplish their partnership of teaching and learning math.

While they do have a good excuse, the student still finds themselves held accountable with quizzes, tests, progress reports, report cards, and unpleasant interactions with teachers and parents.   Understandably this can erode their self-confidence and disposition toward school in general. Motivation and attitudes begin to move in the wrong direction.

This sets parents and students searching for tutors.  Finding a tutor that is affordable, knowledgeable, articulate, available, and can relate well with young people becomes a daunting task.  School are reluctant to provide lists of independent tutors as they fear the legal culpability of a presumptive vetted endorsement.

It can also be the case where the teacher and classroom environment are quite adequate while the student scapegoats the teacher unchallenged to explain their difficulties in the class.

Math instructional videos span this chasm in a cost effective way.  With perfect full instruction at the student’s fingertips in the comfort of their home the lack of good instruction is taken out the discussion.

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