The Limits of a Teacher’s Presentation

There are limits to what can be expected from a teacher’s classroom presentation. A teacher making a “live” classroom presentation on a topic simply is not comparable to fully produced math instructional video.

Most teachers will not have detailed lesson plans for each class they teach.  Even with lesson plans, their instruction will not be fully and optimally scripted.  The dynamics and tangential divergences of each class with so many personalities and skill levels renders repeatability and control of the lesson’s delivery from class to class inconsistent. 

A teacher intends to make essentially one presentation of each topic to each class with the expectation that attentive, focused students will then take possession of the concept.   Having delivered what they consider to be a good lesson, teachers can become frustrated, impatient, and even confounded when they discover students' lack of sufficient understanding and self sufficiency in application to problem sets.

Clearly, a teacher making a “live” classroom presentation on a topic is simply not comparable to fully produced instructional video.

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