The Benefits of the Video Instruction

The benefits of full course math instructional videos are numerous and are amazingly undervalued in spite of our culture’s dependence on YouTube to inform and instruct.

Benefits of Video Instruction:

  •     Much cheaper than one on one tutoring
  •     Perfect instruction that can be replayed as often as desired
  •     Allows a student to learn a topic on their own just prior to classroom instruction
  •     Fosters the key to success in the classroom, get ahead and stay ahead
  •     Previewing topics helps student derive more benefit from classroom instruction
  •     Uninterrupted instruction.  This simply does not occur in the classroom. 
  •     Provides the student with superior traditional instruction at their fingertips
  •     Note taking can be done with more understanding and with more confidence
  •     Builds important self confidence in the student’s ability to grasp each new concept
  •     A student can learn topics in the comfort of their home
  •     The student practices, develops, and perfects self-study skills
  •     Perfect aid to review for quizzes, tests, and comprehensive exams

Before paying $100 for two tutoring sessions,  purchase the instructional videos for the course and use this as a first line of defense resource.  Consider one-on-one tutoring to remediate, refine, and to get the interpersonal coaching that can jump start and solidify the student’s self confidence.

With the purchase of any full course, each student will also receive a free bonus course on Study Skills. (410)817-4033                                                                                © Mark Deaton 2005