Taking Control of Your Child’s Math Instruction

Many parents feel they have lost control of their child's math education and know how it effects their child's self-confidence.  Full course instructional videos solve this problem.

As a child struggles with their math studies, issues with teachers, curriculum, and the classroom environment become a concern of parents trying to intervene.   More often than not, parents come away from conferences within the school with the sense they have lost control their child's math instruction.   Parents know well the impact that this has on their child's self-confidence and overall disposition toward school. The prospect that the problem will continue for the entire school year becomes a real concern.

Tutoring becomes the parent's last resort.  Finding a tutor that is a skilled teacher that is also able to establish a productive rapport with the child is the next challenge as well as the high cost.  Even accomplishing this, scheduling sessions convenient to the student and tutor can be a tedious exercise with back and forth email and voicemail.

A full course math instructional video allows the parent to take back control of their child's math instruction.   Parents will eliminate the lack of quality instruction as an obstacle to their child's success.  The student will have available on their phone and in their computer perfect instruction on each topic to view as often as needed.  Previewing topics just ahead of the class will allow them to benefit from whatever level of classroom instruction is being offered.  On top of this, a full course instructional video is incredibly affordable and merely the cost of 2 tutoring sessions that may or may not be helpful.

With the purchase of any full course, each student will also receive a free bonus course on Study Skills. 

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