Repetition is a Key Feature of Video Instruction

Classroom instruction for any math topic is generally a one shot deal.  But what about “repetition is the mother of learning”.   The video re-play feature puts this issue to rest.

Studies show that when students receive instruction during a class period under the best circumstances, a student on average will grasp but 50% of what they see and hear.  By the next day they will have retained but 25% !  

On top of that, classroom instruction, even if well structured and well delivered, is generally a one shot deal.  If a student is absent or leaves early for an athletic event or Dr. appointment, it is a lost opportunity to have the topic fully explained. The student’s ability to comprehend is further eroded with the distracting urgency to take notes and copy boardwork before it is erased or removed from the screen, another one shot deal.  Again, the student will typically not have another chance to receive a full presentation.

I recall when I was a classroom teacher, I would have presented what I considered a terrific lesson.  The students all seem quite pleased with their success at grasping the concepts and appeared ready and confident to tackle their homework assignment.  The next day, as the next lesson was ready to begin, a student that was absent the day before would approach and innocently ask, “Did I miss anything yesterday?"

Inherently, video instruction is re-playable as often as needed, unchanged and perfect every time.  The full context, order, continuity, and logical progression of thought also remains unchanged.  A typical video lesson is 15-20 minutes.  Viewing a topic 3 times over a few days should be quite sufficient for a student to develop a full grasp of a typical math lesson.  

At chapter’s end after some success and confidence with each unit and their problem sets, re-viewing the video instruction for the entire chapter can be a powerful exercise that solidifies and brings depth to the student’s understanding.  This serves to smooth and fill in even the smallest gaps in their understanding.  

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