Imagine a Video of Your Child’s Math Class

Imagine a video of your child’s math class.  What you will most probably see is an inefficient and oft interrupted explanation of the topic at hand. This is what you will probably see:

  • Students arriving late to class
  • Students hesitant to settle down and get started
  • A teacher distracted with attendance and administrative tasks for students at his desk
  • A teacher taking time to return graded assignments and tests
  • A teacher taking time to pass out worksheets for the lesson
  • A teacher writing on the board or fussing with a computer or projector
  • As instruction begins, students begin to raise their hands with questions that may or may not be relevant to the lesson.
  • A few students are inattentive and are furtively viewing their iPhone or talking to the student next to them.  Disengaged and unmotivated.
  • A teacher directly interacting primarily with the more outgoing students
  • Occasionally at times both students and teachers express frustration understanding and teaching the concepts respectively.
  • Before the lesson is fully completed, class time is running out. The teacher hurries to complete the instruction just in time to blurt out the home assignment as students are happily packing up to leave.

Keep in mind that what you will be seeing is primarily what your child is relying on to help them understand each new math concept.  And, its a one shot deal.

Compare all this to a professionally produced math instructional video that your child can view, as often as needed, in the privacy of their room at home.  This, more than anything else, will demonstrate how important access to this resource can give your child a huge advantage in being successful in their math studies.

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