Guiding a Student Toward Owning Their Education

Utilizing full course math instructional videos fosters the development of great study skills and guides students to take ownership of their math education.

When a student learns to take full ownership of their education, they will have a foundation on which a love of learning will support an active mind and a full and purposeful life.  This is or at the very least should be the real goal of education.   Unfortunately, much of a student’s experience in school either does not directly address this or ignores it as the primary goal altogether.  Chinese Proverb, “A teacher can open the door, but the student must enter by themselves.”  Learning to utilize full course math instructional videos guides a student in a very distinct way to take ownership of their education.

Quite appropriately, in the primary grades leading to high school, students learn to rely heavily on their teachers and parents to guide, encourage, and motivate them in their studies.  Their developmental stages and maturity do not yet lend itself to study skills much beyond compliance, attentiveness, and completing assignments.  Most students as they enter high school are not taught advanced study skills such as self-starting, notetaking, making study guides, daily review of notes, staying with and a little ahead of the class, knowing what you don’t know, anticipating test questions, and most importantly self-study, i.e. reading the book.  They rely primarily on their limited study skills conditioned from their primary years of school.  This limitation will not be sufficient for more advanced high school studies, particularly in math.

Schools will imply ostensibly to assume much of the responsibility of assuring students learn in spite of their typically limited study skills.   The problem is school can’t and don’t deliver.  As an example a teacher with over 100 students will not and cannot become a one-on-one tutor, while at the same time announcing their availability for extra help outside class.

The weakness of this covenant, leaves students, teachers, and parents frustrated and at odds.  As a result, many students “hit the wall” in their math studies when the teacher, curriculum, and classroom environment do not provide the support the student had relied on in their primary years nor guide the development of their study skills. 

Full course math instructional video advances student toward owning their math education.  As a student becomes accustomed to utilizing the videos on a regular basis, they not only are receiving perfect instruction on each topic but they are developing great study skills.

  • Self-Starting Discipline of viewing videos regularly
  • Get head and stay ahead by previewing topics ahead of class instruction
  • Replay and Review
  • Focus and Concentration by taking advantage of the continuity inherent to video instruction.

More importantly, they will take pride in and enjoy the self-confidence that comes knowing that they are in control of their learning.

On the otherhand, if a student dismisses and does not use instructional videos as a resource and continues to anguish about the classroom teacher’s instruction, the options for improvement narrow dramatically.  Even more disappointing, the important study skills that are triggered and developed with the regular use of instruction videos will not be realized. 

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