Developing Advanced Study Skills Using Math Instructional Videos

Students that become fully engaged in utilizing math instructional videos demonstrate they are attaining advanced study skills.

The use of full course math instructional videos to learn and review each new math topic teaches students important study skills.  As a student becomes accustomed to utilizing the videos on a regular basis, they are not only receiving perfect instruction on each topic but they are developing the following study skills and practicing them on a regular basis.

  • Taking Ownership
  • Being Motivated
  • Self-Discipline & Self-Starting
  • Staying ahead by previewing topics ahead of class instruction
  • Replay and Review
  • Focus and Concentration by taking advantage of the continuity inherent to video instruction.

As a result, they will take pride in and enjoy the self-confidence that comes from knowing that they are in control of their learning.  These new study skills and the self-confidence they engender spreads to their other classes.  This invites a realization that learning is a process and success is well within their capability.

On the other hand, if a student dismisses and does not use the instructional videos as a resource and continues to anguish about the classroom teacher’s instruction, the options for improvement narrow dramatically.  The gives rise to a sense of helplessness and loss of self-confidence.  Even more disappointing, the important study skills that are triggered and developed with the regular use of instruction videos will not be realized. 

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