Dana Mosely, Video Instructor

Dana Mosely

For the last 27 years Dana Mosely has established a reputation and unparalleled body of work in math education instructional videos.  Dana has over fifteen years of classroom teaching experience at grade levels within junior high, high school, and junior college.  

Since 1989 he has been the primary video instructor for the college division of publishers D.C. Heath and Company, Houghton Mifflin, and Cengage Learning.  As such, his instructional videos are typically included in the student resource materials publishers make available with the publication of each textbook.  This has been the inspiration for his extensive body of work and comprehensive video library of math education instructional videos.

The hallmark of Dana’s teaching is a style that is relaxed and easy to understand.  He is particularly skilled with explaining difficult math topics using a soothing conversational manner.  His disarming style de-mystifies each topic even for the most anxious student.  He is the master at at making math accessible and turning math anxiety into math self confidence even for most intimidating topics.

Many schools make his video instruction available as a classroom resource for each student.  Additionally, his math instructional video library has become a cornerstone in homeschooling education.   His instructional video library has been used to help educate tens of thousands of homeschooling students.  A testament to the effectiveness of the instruction is the fact that only a few students request help each day even though Dana offers his personal assistance to all of the thousands of students using his programs.

With the purchase of any full course, each student will also receive a free bonus course on Study Skills. 

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