Math Instructional Videos, The Common Sense Student Resource

Math instructional videos are a great way to take control of your child’s math education.  Think of it as a hybrid of the classroom and homeschooling.  A tutor in your child’s phone and in their computer.  Perfect instruction on each topic as often as needed.

The Math Clinic advocates full course math intructional videos as the first line of defense in support of a student’s math studies.  It is not only the most logical resource but also the most cost effective in guiding the student to be successful in their study of math.  The regular use of instructional videos by a student develops advanced study skills that are necessary for success at the high school and college levels.  

The Math Clinic has partnered with Dana Mosely’s Cool Math Guy Instructional Video online service to provide a full course of instruction for virtually any math course within middle and high school mathematic curriculum.  This places at a student's fingertips essentially perfect instruction on any topic they are or will be studying in their specific course.

The sample videos demonstrates Dana Mosely’s distinctly disarming relaxed style that so effectively de-mystifies math. Dana simply makes math remarkably easy to understand.  SAMPLE VIDEOS

Ordering a full course through The Math Clinic website with the coupon code: deaton2016 entitles a student to  $50 OFF  the standard full course cost of $150. At a net cost of $100 this is but the cost of 2 tutoring sessions while providing the student support for the entire year on every topic.

Viewing instructional videos on a topic ahead of classroom instructions can make a huge difference in how a student progresses through any math course.   “Get ahead, and stay ahead.” 

With the purchase of any full course, each student will also receive a free bonus course on Study Skills. 

Why Do Instructional Videos Make Sense

Instructional videos can provide terrific support to a student being handicapped and discouraged by poor classroom instruction in a disruptive environment.  Math instructional videos should be an obvious resource for any student in the age of YouTube where we are now accustomed to seeking video instruction on topics from repairing the washing machine to planting potatoes.

Why students have difficulty learning math:

  •      Poor, inexperience, and disengaged classroom teachers
  •      Disruptive class environment undermines focus and disrupts the continuity of thought
  •      Taking notes and transcribing board work is a distraction from staying with instruction
  •      Poor curriculum 
  •      Poor textbooks that diverge awkwardly from proven traditional instruction
  •      Classroom instruction is a one shot deal with no replay capability

Advantages of Instructional Videos 

  •     Much cheaper than one on one tutoring
  •     Perfect instruction that can be replayed as often as desired
  •     Allows a student to learn a topic on their own just prior to classroom instruction
  •     Fosters the key to success in the classroom, get ahead and stay ahead
  •     Previewing topics helps student derive more benefit from classroom instruction
  •     Uninterrupted instruction.  This simply does not occur in the classroom. 
  •     Provides the student with superior traditional instruction at their fingertips
  •     Note taking can be done with more understanding and with more confidence
  •     Builds important self confidence in the student’s ability to grasp each new concept
  •     A student can learn topics in the comfort of their home
  •     The student practices, develops, and perfects self-study skills
  •     Perfect aid to review for quizzes, tests, and comprehensive exams

Before paying $100 for two tutoring sessions,  purchase the instructional videos for the course and use this as a first line of defense resource.  Consider one-on-one tutoring to remediate, refine, and to get the interpersonal coaching that can jump start and solidify the student’s self confidence.

With the purchase of any full course, each student will also receive a free bonus course on Study Skills. (410)817-4033                                                                                © Mark Deaton 2005